About me


What i do in a few words : “Advising customers on the best Oracle Cloud Platform and Path which will support their business transformation ”

✉ ndwarulaban91@gmail.com

My greatest motivation is to see Enterprises being transformed positively from using point products and services that manage their business operations to a fully integrated Cloud Platform that transforms their business, enabling them to keep at pace with the current ever changing technology and market demand. With the advent of Cloud, we have witnessed many businesses been disrupted, a new model of doing business prevailing as the workforce becomes more mobile, the customers turning into digital natives and security being much paramount now than ever before. Thus a need for businesses to accelerate their business transformations is inevitable.

I am Favored, Blessed, Humbled and Amazed by God’s grace. A Father(to be ;), an Uncle, a Son and a Brother.

I am a Cloud Platform Consultant at Oracle, supporting the UK, Ireland and Israel region.

I have a Masters of Science Degree on Mobile Telecommunications & Innovation (2017, Strathmore University) and a Bachelors of Science Degree on Computer Science (2014, Egerton University)

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