Author: Labanish

Laban is a Cloud Solutions Engineer at Oracle. He has a Master of Science Degree in Mobile Telecommunications & Innovation and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. He has previously worked as a software developer. He takes photography as a hobby but also earns from it...and he considers himself a nomad. His favorite Bible verse is "Romans 12:12"


Bimodal IT Approach: Co -existence of Traditional IT and Digital IT. With the current rapid digital transformations, enterprises need to pursue digital innovation to improve or change their business models. If they fail to do so faster than their competitors, they risk losing their competitive advantage. With disruptive start-ups popping up all over, competition hasMore


Creating a good mobile application is quite hard, expensive and slow. Thinking of the various tasks to do; the different mobile operating systems running on the devices, the creation of a working Mobile back-end, not to forget the security which is paramount as you expose the services through the APIs. Enterprises need to evolve rapidlyMore


Dear Kenya, Moments like this make me miss you even more. It’s a Friday, i used to spend this evenings out with some of my crazy friends reminiscing. Not anymore since i came over here. May be i will at some point. However what i am seeing on the main stream media as well asMore


Dear Bro, I hope you are well kept of the Lord. Did i just  forget even how to write?  Anyway i used to jot down before in my two blogs; “The Diary of a Christian Youth” and “LABAN’S TAKE”. This is long before I came to the city in search of a gratifying job. LifeMore