Create a mobile application in minutes using the Oracle MAX


Creating a good mobile application is quite hard, expensive and slow. Thinking of the various tasks to do; the different mobile operating systems running on the devices, the creation of a working Mobile back-end, not to forget the security which is paramount as you expose the services through the APIs. Enterprises need to evolve rapidly to keep up with the rapid market demands. Thus, there is a need to have a mobile solution which is;

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Open and Flexible
  • Have analytics and enhanced app experience
  • Can be deployed on any mobile device i.e iOS, Android etc.

Oracle Mobile Cloud Service has a feature called MAX- Mobile Application Accelerator, a UI driven mobile application design environment for citizen developers which helps you create an enterprise mobile application fast using drag and drop features – no coding required.

MAX gives you all you need to develop, test and publish a mobile application that can run on both iOS or Android devices. To develop a mobile application using MAX you need to;

  1. Create an intuitive layout out of your mobile application using the MAX drag and drop feature
  2. Once happy with the UI, map the service exposed using the already defined API from the MCS side.
  3. Build, Test and Publish your mobile application.

To get you familiar with MAX UI, watch the 4 minutes demo I created using Oracle MAX below.

Learn more about Oracle MCS and MAX:

Oracle Mobile Cloud

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    Thanks for this informative article and video. Do i need to purchase any license to use the API or development platform?